SeaNaps 2017 – Crowdfund us!



SeaNaps is a 3 days festival, which will take place in different locations of Leipzig, the 8th, 9th and 10th of September. The main artistic medium is music, but SeaNaps aims at proposing a transdisciplinary approach and, to do so, is working with several local associations and festivals of visual arts, performance, technologies and (even) hörspiel.


The main scene of the festival will be set in the Grassi Museum, where 10 concerts will take place, co-curated by SeaNaps and the French festival “Les Siestes Electroniques”. The ethnographic and music instrument museum will play more than a figurative part in this aspect of the festival, since two of the artists programmed will be offered to dig into the Grassi’s sound databanks to create their performance.


Two conferences will also surround the festival, and will gather European actors concerned by the creation of a new economical model for music festivals. Indeed, SeaNaps will also be the occasion for a new initiative: the implementation of Blockhain Technology in its transaction system ! In few words: Futuristic, transparent, ethic payments benefiting all contributors, from the artists to the local economy.

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