The Association

HABeaTUS [ habi̯tus ] is an association founded in 2016 in Leipzig, hosted and supported by the “Social Impact Lab”- Plagwitz. Its first aim is to develop artistic practices, mainly in the alternative and brush cutting musical scene. To this end, HABeaTUS leans on parallel on other forms of technical, technological and social innovations


Where does “HABeaTUS” come from?

Habitus is essentially the way in which the culture of a particular social group is embodied (internalised) in the individual, during the socialisation process beginning in early childhood. Habitus is, “society written into the body, into the biological individual” (Bourdieu,1990 In Other Words, p. 63).

“The Beat is an English term referring to the sound made by one or more such blows, a throb or pulsation.”

The Beat, this pulsation that has been shaking guts all round the world since guts exist, is one of the most efficient ways to crush, at least for an instant, the logics of an Habitus pretending to sculpt into rock the social separations that precede us, escape from us and compel us indefinitely if we don’t dare to challenge them. The beat and the nap are two places, where all humans stand equal.

The Beat beats the Habitus.