Blockchain My Art

Blockchain My Art is a platform and a set of applications for music festivals and more generally cultural organisations, to develop an ecosystem allowing self managed communities to answer the needs and claims of their profession.

In 2017, almost ten years after the apparition of the blockchain, the very first use case of blockchain application to cashless systems has been made in SeaNaps. Blockchain My Art gathers all the structures and persons who took part in this first sparkle. The main focuses of this cooperation are the followings:

  • A cashless transparent blockchain based application , transportable and adaptable to each festival specific context. The application promotes solidarity, fair redistributions and transparency within cultural events and a better involvement and recognition of all its contributors as well as extended interaction possibilities with its audience. In 2018, the solution will be tested at large scale and on field, during three festivals: Les Siestes Electroniques, TodaysArts and SeaNaps. In 2019, these pioneering structures will expand their experience to additional festivals, giving an exponential and horizontal use to this collectively shaped experience.
  • A Research on compatibility between cultural economies and crypted currencies. On parallel to the direct implementation of its cashless payment system, Blockchain My Art embraces a larger approach of the cultural industries future evolutions. As it would be short-sighted to approach a technological revolution such as the blockchain without trying to apprehend the nature of its origins and the extent of its implications. With a group of universities and NGOs, Blockchain My Art will hence initiate an ambitious research process, able to crystallize the intuitions of the project, to perform auto-critic when needed, and to deliver a real knowledge, to the professional sector of culture as well as for civil society.

In all its sections, Blockchain My Art is giving a particular attention to the following point

  • Its governance : Democratic, participative, transparent and concerned about the perspective of all actors from the cultural production and consummation chain.
  • Its motto : better distribution of the value chain for cultural workers (from artists to venues, festivals, etc.), better transparency for the audience, decentralized identities, democratized access to the technologies of blockchain.
  • Its internal impact: Propagation of a blockchain, cashless and decentralized solution adapted to the different formats, and interconnecting the member festivals, allowing them to realize economies of scale. The deliverable is a very concrete tool, adaptable and reusable.
  • Its local impact: a better integration of local economies within cultural events and positive externalities for those. Its global impact: European scaled diffusion of a new transparency model,
    increasing the audience’s criterias and expectation regarding their cultural consummation, ideally pushing music bigger players towards fairer practices. The project promotes the experimentation and diffusion of a new technology, yet lacking use cases dedicated to large audiences.
  • Its contribution to perfecting/completing public policies’ ways of measurement: Using the blockchain within a festival allows to quantify and value the impact of cultural events upon a city’s economy and to produce easily observable data. Privacy by design allowing their study in respect of user’s anonymity.

The Blockchain My Art project is supported by Consensys. and the Creative Europe Subvention program