OCT 13 I 19.00 – open end I BSMT (SPINNEREI)

Exhibition / Happening.

The value of what? focus on the notions of the economy of cultural and artistic events by exploring how these practices can create and shape their own notions of value. The traditional art markets and cultural spheres were made into perspective by the apparition of the blockchain technology. There are already many examples of how this technology can provide a more “artist-friendly” ecosystem, always based on the fundamental promises that arise with the blockchain – decentralization, security and anonymity. Proof of authenticity, identity, ownership and fundamental rights can now be stored in this public ledger and serve as a counter-image against theft, fakery and copyright infringements, very abundant in the art markets. The costs tend to be lower and smart contracts can provide a way to keep track of royalties and assure a certain economic structure that empowers the artists and their economic paradigms. But this attractiveness also brings its own dark side – on the table are now new undesirable factors and horrendous possibilities. Ideas such as pre-determinism and behavioural engineering become more real, creating apocalyptic visions about the relation between us, nature and technology. This validates the importance of a critical and playful attitude that artists can bring by doing a very necessary testing on the range of the political, philosophical and technical consequences.

This event at BSMNT gallery will take the form of an happening and it will focus on the key elements of this topics while retaining room for improvisation. The boundaries between the artists and the viewers are deemed to be both formally and conceptually eliminated, opening a space for dialogue, understandment and the discussion of ideas about meanings and consequences of the blockchain in the art world – as well as conversations about the relevance of blockchain based art collections.

The value of what? was coproduced with Fugitif and Bsmnt


Die eingeladenen KünstlerIn-nen beschäftigen sich beim transmedialen Happening THE VALUE OF WHAT? mit Vorstellungen von Wert, Markt und Technologie. Dabei teilen die entstehenden Arbeiten als gemeinsamen Betrach – tungspunkt die aufkommende Blockchain Technologie und ihre  Konsequenzen für kulturelle Szenen. Das Happening findet am Samstagabend seinen Raum in der BSMNT Galerie auf der Spinnerei. Ende ist offen.