For its first year, SeaNaps wanted to propose a workshop cycle on the thema “Art and politics? Do it yourself”. The perfect partner to organize this program was found in the person(s) of the Leipziger Konglomerat.Veranstaltungskollektiv. They curated and accompanied the work of local artists and associations to provide a most exciting range of things to do, learn and discuss. Curious people? You are at the right spot!

Thursay - Friday.September the 7th and 8th // By registrating only

Vinyl factory- Guided tour

DJx - Workshop

Friday - Saturday. September the 8th and 9th // @Grassimuseum

Stop-Motion-Movies station

Basic income role game

Modular synthesizer station

Sunday. September the 10th // @Westwerk // By registrating only

Vinyl covers - Printing Workshop

Modular Synthesizer – Producing on your own

Blockchain, art and intellectual property