Thursday • 23.09 • 20:30
Westbahnhof Plagwitz: 51°19'26.7"N 12°19'17.6"E

→ Sandra Boss


The performance The Acoustic Appraiser by Sandra Boss is named after an antique, portable audiometer, or hearing test machine. Audiometers are normally used to detect our way of hearing according to a set of carefully selected tones and noises. The machine consists of sine tones corresponding to the different frequency bands of the human ear. Furthermore the machine comes with masking tones and a German speech test tape. In the performance, the borders between scientific and musical sounds is explored through the machine’s various sound features.



→ Viola Yip + Nicola L. Hein


Transsonic is a duo project of Viola Yip and Nicola L. Hein for real-time spatialized guitar and lights. The duo has developed a new iteration of the project for Seanaps festival in Leipzig this year. It will feature Viola Yip playing with an A.I. version of Nicola L. Hein in their spatial audiovisual set. The A.I. is trained on Hein's guitar playing, which performs a real-time composition with Viola Yip. With this new development of their collaboration, Transsonic realises a human-machine duo iteration of their ongoing collaboration.

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