All festival days • 23. - 26.09 • 10:00 - 00:00
Online + FM
Radio cooperations: Sphere Radio, Radio Corax, Cashmere Radio, Radio Blau, Montez Press Radio


For the third time, a temporary radio station will be set up for the Seanaps Festival as a laboratory for radiophonic experiments. This year, the Radiolab hosts three artists as laboratory operators who explore the spaces of the radio medium from the station's headquarter in Villa Plagwitz: Actress, theater maker and musician Ana Berkenhoff, sound artist Adam Frankiewicz, and film and radio maker Sara Lehn.

In addition, Radiolab receives guest contributions from, among others, Lukas Grundmann (Cashmere Radio), Lukas Holfeld (Kunst Spektakel Revolution/Wutpilger Streifzüge), Caspar Leder (Radio F.R.E.I.), Elissa Stolman (Cashmere Radio), Elisa Ueberschär & Tanja Krone (30 Stunden Runder Tisch) and builds radio bridges to Community Radio Tbilisi in Georgia and the exhibition 'doku.ARGU.Experi.PIg.' in Berlin.

Accompanying the Seanaps Festival, the radio also provides insights into the backgrounds and approaches of the invited artists and live streams the concert program from the Westbahnhof, which is presented by Jasmina Al-Qaisi and Nina Guo.
Radiolab broadcasts daily from 10 a.m. online via the stream of the radio collective Sphere Radio. Through networking with the local free radio stations and cooperatives Radio Blau (Leipzig), Radio CORAX (Halle) and Cashmere Radio (Berlin), the program will also be receivable via FM.


Radiolab Residents

Ana Berkenhoff

Adam Frankiewicz

Sara Lehn


Ana Berkenhoff studied applied theater in Giessen and contemporary dance as a guest at the CNSMD Lyon. Her artistic work oscillates between genres, meeting music, dance and language to fill stages, sound carriers, galleries or the social environment. In the process, she creates staged concerts, radio plays and theater pieces. Most recently at HAU Berlin, Kaserne Basel, and Theater Oberhausen. As a musician she was awarded the Francis Chagrin Award for sound&music and by WISWOS woman in sound. 


As a director, sound artist and performer Adam Frankiewicz creates audiovisual performances, sound installations and experimental radio plays. His practice focuses on subcultures, forgotten formats and objects, and dead medias. His works have been shown in many European cities (Kurgan, Madrid, Košice, Riga, Lviv and Drohobych). He performed at such festivals as Ars Electronica, Unsound, Open Source Art, Up To Date, Floppy Totaal, Seanaps, Biennale of Contemporary Art in Toulouse, and many others. Through the theater of objects, radio plays and electroacoustic music, he builds his own artistic language. Frankiewicz is the founder of the music labels Pionierska Records and OPIO Records, the independent analog radio "Morskie Ucho" and the field recording platform "Listen to the east". He also gives workshops related to listening techniques.


Sara Lehn thinks from Berlin - sometimes as part of a group that reperforms radio, as organizer of 'WestGermanys', as one of three whose clip represents the initiative 'NSU-Komplex auflösen' in Cannes or as a self-taught radio pirate in an art context. Her work presupposes dialogue. She has been making radio since 2012.