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26.09 • Day IV


Festival Report

reviewing & previewing Seanaps Festival


Morning Coffee w/ Tintin Patrone & Krachkisten-Orchester


TinTin Patrone is a German-Filipino composer, musician, actress, film and music producer as well as painter, performance artist and author. In 2009,  Patrone founded the group Krachkisten Orchestra, which produces improvised electric sounds with selfmade analog instruments. 

On Sat, 25, and Sun, 26, the Krachkisten Orchestra invites you to join a participatory performance in public space. Check here.


by Lucie Vítková

Czech composer Lucie Vítková presents OPERA, a new piece for singing instrumentalists from The OPERA Ensemble. The piece is a traditional musical form of opera filled by contemporary and experimental musical materials, written for singing musicians playing harp, saxophone, flute, theremin, accordion, and oboe. OPERA is based on utopian thinking and its environment includes sound, visuals, fashion and movement. The libretto of the piece is based on theoretical texts about voice by Italian philosopher and feminist thinker Adriana Cavarero, expressed via Morse code.

Lucie Vítková – Composer, Accordion,Voice
Sophie Leetmaa – Harp, Voice
Sydney Viles – Theremin, Voice
Martha Cargo – Flutes, Voice
Sky Macklay – Oboe, Voice
Carolyn Hietter – Saxophones, Voice


Hold Music / Warteschleife



Walking Tbilisi
by Community Radio Tbilisi

The independent Community Radio Tbilisi observes and questions the public space of the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

We present two radio pieces: a radio feature discussing the use and perception of public spaces linked to the Soviet past, as well as an audio piece with inhabitants navigating the listeners through the city by describing their way home.

participants: Sasha Zalivako, Eugene Slonimerov, Dato Koroshinadze, Luka Vadachkoria
production: Community Radio Tbilisi
concept: Barbora Gallo
technical support: Tornike Katsarava



Klein Corner: Scent Evocations


Nick Klein's daily dose of all things fragrant.


Am Runden Tisch:
Im Gespräch zu unabhängigen DDR-Frauenbewegungen 89/90


Im Juni wurde der Leipziger Marktplatz für 30 Stunden mit Texten der Frauenbewegungen der DDR um 89/90 besetzt.

Gemeinsam mit Verleser*innen, Zuhörer*innen, Performer*innen und Passant*innen haben die Künstlerinnen Elisa Ueberschär und Tanja Krone die Stimmen und Texte von unabhängigen Fraueninitiativen und -organisationen zu Gehör gebracht.
Wir kommen mit den Initiatorinnen der Aktion "30 Stunden Runder Tisch" ins Gespräch.


Space is the Place (Sphere Radio)

Space is the Place, a monthly radio show on Sphere Radio. Transmitting musical collections from the past to not so present. Rarely broad, mostly hyper focused. Presented by changing guests - today: Milium plays francophone wave music.



Konzert-Übertragung / Concert Relay Westbahnhof

Eric Bauer + Carina Khorkhordina

João Pais Filipe

presented by Jasmina Al-Qaisi & Nina Guo


Laborzeit / Laboratory Time

with Ana Berkenhoff, Adam Frankiewicz, Sara Lehn


Abbau / radio deconstruction