Sat • 25.09 • 13:00 – 16:00
heiter bis wolkig: Röckener Str. 44, 04229 Leipzig
Under the working title (In-) Visibilities. Make the connection! We've invited guests who will discuss approaches and present projects from the fields of anti-racist cultural and educational work.

With contributions by and speakers from: 
Elisabeth Hampe + Dominik Djialeu - dmsubm
Kevin Breß - Grassi Museum 
Nushin Yazdani + Nakeema Stefflbauer
Ali Ma. - Netzwerk Courage e.V.
Karolin Schneider + Manu Washaus - Die Komplizenschaft e.V.
Jonas Petry + Amelie Neumann - Seanaps Diskurs 



Moderation: Amelie Neumann, Jonas Petry


Nushin Yazdani and Nakeema Stefflbauer
poetic lecture performance    
»AI from the Margins«

Netzwerk Courage
anti-racist education in the context of schools, children and youth work
Speaker: Ali Ma.

Die Komplizenschaft
impulse lecture about antiracist cultural work and creative networks
Speaker: Karolin Schneider and Manu Washaus


Grassi Museum
Sprecher: Kevin Breß
(Re)inventing Cultural Narratives?

The Deutsche Museum für Schwarze Unterhaltung und Black Music             
A radio show performance from and with Elisabeth Hampe and Dominik Djialeu


Netzwerk Courage:
The Netzwerk für Demokratie und Courage (NDC) is a nationwide network supported by young people who are committed to the promotion of democracy and against inhuman thinking. The main task of the NDC is the training of young people as multipliers and the implementation of project days, seminars and trainings at schools, vocational schools, educational institutions and for many other groups.

Die Komplizenschaft:
KOMPLIZENSCHAFT is an initiative of artists and cultural workers in Saxony who are committed to respectful social exchange. The starting point for their work is the perception of an ever-widening gap between city and country, between different contexts of life and the generations. The lack of points of contact and the strengthening of right-wing conservative tendencies are causing uncertainty and irritation. Komplizenschaft wants to counter these developments with communication and curiosity and talk to each other instead of about each other. Its goal is to bring as many institutions, initiatives, associations and committed individuals as possible into conversation with one another and to encourage cooperation. As part of the SeanapsDiscourse, they present their work and will report on experiences, successes and failures, what is possible and what is still impossible.

Nushin Yazdani and Nakeema Stefflbauer: 
Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer is a senior digitalization executive and the founder and CEO of FrauenLoop, a nonprofit organization in Berlin that has trained resident, immigrant and refugee women in computer programming over the past five years. Nushin Yazdani is a digital justice artist and activist, who has been featured on Deutsche Welle and whose work has been sponsored by the Alfred Landecker Foundation, among others. Together, the two advocate for greater awareness of how digital technologies impact women, immigrants, refugees and ethnic/racial minorities. Their video collaboration investigates the ways that technology is building offline discrimination into the online experience through “artificial intelligence.”

While artificial intelligence, or “AI”, means robots and computer algorithms meant to propel us into an efficient, automated future, these tools rely on data inputs that come with implicit history, exclusion, and bias. Homogeneous design teams often program tools that encode bias and fail to reliably serve all people as intended. Inequities transferred from the real world into data sets model an “ideal” everything from your emotions to whether a system registers the color of your skin. This is creating a digital world that perpetuates the same injustices we see in real life.

Kevin Breß:
Kevin Breß has been project manager and curator of the future program "(Re)inventing Grassi 2023" at the GRASSI Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig, funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, since 2020. His field of work lies primarily in the conception, curation, and implementation of special exhibitions and other exhibition formats. As an ethnologist, his focus is on transdisciplinary work at the interface between science and art.

The Deutsche Museum für Schwarze Unterhaltung und Black Music http://www.dmsubm.de/ is Germany's leading museum for black culture, popular music and history. It houses an extensive collection of diverse archivaria and memorabilia, which are exhibited in a lively place of mediation and discussion. Joana Tischkau and Elisabeth Hampe are two of the founders and curators of the museum. In a live radio show, they play their favorites from the museum's record collection - and talk about black pop stars, forgotten casting bands, German hip-hop, big disco stars and much more.