All festival days • 23. - 26.09 • 11:00 - 18:00 
Baumwollspinnerei: Spinnereistraße 7, 04179 Leipzig

→ Soft Landing by Weiwei Leung and Kamil Korolczuk

"Soft Landing" is a surreal dream about falling. Played out on a tv screen. Everyone can join in and fall, one by one. 

Weiwei Leung is an artist who travels between countries and mediums. Her wide variety of creative projects range from image making to story telling, that coalesce around her interest in movement and the unknown, with an emphasis on poetic interpretations, narratives and musicality. 


Kamil Korolczuk is a sound artist working with no-input devices, magnetic tape, field recordings and acoustic feedback. Founder of tmrw> (2018-2020) - tape and diskette label, concert series and radio show.