The sixth edition of the Seanaps Festival will take place in Leipzig from September 23 to 25, 2022. Under the theme »Improvising Present«, the edition is dedicated to experimental musical, artistic and cultural practices of improvisation. The starting point for the elaboration is the visualization and creation of transdisciplinary interweavings of divergent approaches from experimental music, sound art, performance art, visual arts, socio culture, social sciences, music theory, art and cultural mediation, urban development and cultural policy. The program consists of concert performances, a radiolab, installations, performances, interventions, open sessions, workshops and sound walks.



The concert programme presents three musical positions per day from Friday to Sunday at the Westflügel Leipzig. The artistic positions are cross-genre and focus on different approaches to improvisation; from free, pulsating improvisation to real-time composition. You can hear performances with means such as prepared percussion, field recordings, idiosyncratic ways of playing classical and electronic instruments, the human voice, vibrating and modified sound generators.
In the context of the opening concerts on Friday, the electronic Cologne artists' collective Elektrische Leiter, together with the Danish artist Laure Boer, will take us into an open-ended venture of improvisation.
On Saturday, we present explorative beats by Swiss percussionist Julian Sartorius, deep experimental vocal sounds by the duo Kraphük of Elisa Kühnl and Jiyun Park. The concert evening closes with futuristic sounds of the trio Muckla 3000 by Els Vandeweyer, Johannes Schleiermacher and Anaïs Tuelinckx.
We are pleased to dedicate the closing concerts on Sunday to the Leipzig experimental music scene. Sébastien Branche opens the evening with his extended saxophone solo »Lignes«. Next, the electro-acoustic duo CFMCW form sound collages in the style of musique concrete instrumentale. Finally, the 12-member acoustic and electro-acoustic Ensemble Modèle Réduit will perform a concert of partially defined music between improvisation and composition.


This year's discourse program focuses on improvisation as an interactive and transdisciplinary group dynamic process and shared experiential space. We would like to explore joint listening, production of sounds and the resulting shared experiential space as a hybrid of different approaches, ideas, techniques and considerations as a socio-cultural instrument in various formats.
For this purpose, the workshop »Even Before Sound« by and with Arjan Stockhausen will take place at Luru Kino on Saturday and Sunday starting at 12 pm. Afterwards, all interested people, listeners, musicians, sound artists, non-musicians and dilettantes between the ages of 9-99 can participate in the Open Sessions of the Cologne collective Elektrische Leiter. Those who prefer to explore the city, its materiality and its sounds are invited to accompany the Swiss percussionist Julian Sartorius on his sound walk »Hidden Tracks«. A place for conversation, to get information about the festival program, to listen to the Radiolab program with coffee and cool drinks offers the listening station directly on the lawn in front of the Luru Kino.



For three days, the Radiolab explores and cultivates IMPROVISORIUM as a space, condition and opportunity. The radiolab participants Jasmina Al-Qaisi, Adam Frankiewicz, Sara Lehn and Gabi Schaffner create and discard formats and narratives of the radio medium. Service, entertainment and tensions – inevitably provisional, consistently makeshift. Accompanying the festival, the radio airs happenings of the festival's program and enters into dialogue with artists, guests and listeners. Live and tape recorded from the Salon of Villa Plagwitz, to be received from 10:00 to 23:00 on Sphere Radio and Seanaps.net as well as irregularly on Radio Blau 99.2 (Leipzig), Radio Corax 95.9 (Halle) and Cashmere Radio (Berlin).



The installation program is dedicated to the interventionist potential of improvisations in semi-public and public spaces. Ralf Wendt with »Making Nature«, shifts, stretches, spans the situation in an allotment garden with his sound archive collected over 25 years. On three days he can be found from 11:00 to 17:00 in the Werksgärten of the Alte Baumwollspinnerei. With her performance »Tonight I wear pearls of tears as earrings«, sound artist Edka Jarząb develops an audiosphere in different places and explores the relevance of improvisation as a practice of social resistance.






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